Packaging packaging?

As you already know Gropes family has recently expanded. We are more than delighted that our new product Gropes D-Lock Cover has finally saw the light and so far has been really well received.  

Despite the fact that Gropes D-Lock Cover functions in similar manner as original Gropes Bar Grips do, there's a major change that we would like to draw your attention to in this article - new packaging concept.

This time our aim was to challenge some standards of manufactured packaging. To think about it  - what are the regular techniques of retailing ? First, we create a product. Second, we create a packaging that is an extension of the product. Lastly, we wrap the unit, place it in a parcel box and send it on its way to a customer. However, was there a nonusual way to jiggle the structure? In short, could we avoid packaging what is already packaged? It seems like we have discovered an answer that will now help us to achieve few important things. Gropes D-Lock Cover is coming in a large padded brown envelope and directly posted to our customers without any additional packaging. 

Of course we like our product to travel far and get to you as fast as if it had wings attached. However, time to time our wishes and reality of mailing services do not converge. Shipping process and delivery costs are quite frequently turn into an irritating drawback. So, while preparing to launch Gropes D-Lock Cover we gave few of those things a thorough consideration. Thus, the conclusion to unify the retail and courier packagings in a single form seemed like a better solution than organising a potential mutiny against UK Royal Mail. The idea saves time, money and help us to deliver the product to you faster with less hassle. Besides, avoiding "double" packaging also means that you are purely paying money for the product alone, which is great news. 

Design-wise, Gropes D-Lock Cover' packaging was inspired by the old-school universal mailing method. Thus, we aimed to develop and increase a handcrafted and rough edge that envelopes obtain after going through the hands of postal workers. The product logo and information are directly stamp-printed on the envelope by hand. To tell you a small secret, sometimes we have just a little bit too much fun with those rubber stamps punching them away to see what sort of prints can appear; while little flaws only make the overall effect even more authentic. 

So, we hope you will support us in our aim to break the stereotypes of shipping system and enjoy a single packaging as much as the product that it contains. Drop us a line if you have any comments or feedback. We'd love to hear from you as always. 

Gropes D-Lock Cover are currently available on our online shop and in Tokyobike London. They are shipped by Standard UK postal service both in UK and to international customers. Send us an email if you prefer more secure process. The additional information about the product as well as detailed fitting instructions are available on our website' products section. 

Posted by Tess Savina at 01:57