The Gropes are coming

Gropes will be finally let loose on the world at our official launch party at the end of October. Look Mum No Hands is the bike-lovers hangout of choice, where a passion for bikes, coffee and being friendly is all that matters. We couldn't have chosen a nicer venue for the birth of our new baby. And our paternal pride on the night will be swelled to bursting if you come along. It's an all comers event and we’ve invited our good friend beer too. Progressive musical accompaniment will be provided by Untold, Andy Hemlock and Ben UFO.

Untold (Hemlock Recordings)


Andy Hemlock (Hemlock Recordings)

Ben UFO (Hessle audio)

The Gropes are coming. See them, try them, buy them. Hope to see you all there.

Look Mum No Hands
49 Old Street
London EC1V 9HX
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Posted by Akira Chatani at 07:00