Proud to be part of The Work Cycle

The Work Cycle (TWC) is a celebration of bikes and their integration within the workplace – a concept that is right up our street. What we really like about TWC is the unique way it features bikes; it's not your average bike ‘porn', they prefer to focus more on what your wheels say about your personality. It’s about emotional connections and a true passion for beautiful bikes.

We were introduced to TWC via a good friend of ours at creative agency Poke. With various companies contributing accounts and photographs describing how bikes fit into their workplace, their commute and their working lives in general, what better opportunity, we thought, than for us to say a few words about Nonusual. We’re excited to say that our showcase has now been added to the website, so do take a look.

True to our name, our submission was a little unlike the others. We had to tackle the ‘interview’ questions from a slightly different angle as both of us have full time jobs to which we travel to daily, but our Nonusual workplace is actually Akira’s home – so not many tales to tell about our commute there then! With this in mind, we talked about where cycles fit in our full time jobs as well as the world of Nonusual, mixing it up a little. The result was an article with the general gist that tells readers that whether we’re working with our Nonusual hats on, or in our other jobs, bikes massively feature in both workplaces.

We love to be among Work-Cyclists who are as infatuated with two-wheeled transport as we are. Our contribution sits alongside a range of submissions including those from marketing agencies, bike designers and creative design consultancies. We’re so excited by what’s going on at TWC that, in turn, we’ve introduced our pals at Look Mum No Hands to the TWC team and are hoping they will join us on the wall of fame soon. If others out there fancy showcasing their work/bike relationship stories, then drop Remco Merbis a line for more information.

Who knows, our tale might even inspire one or two people, just as we’re continually inspired by others.

Posted by Akira Chatani at 07:00