New Year, New Cork.

We work to continuously improve Gropes and recently we wanted to source new bar end plugs, so that’s what we did.

Our new plugs are made of natural cork, which is a lighter and softer material than our “first generation” agglomerated plugs. This softness means that the new version is more shock absorbent and less likely to damage should the plugged-end of the handlebars hit a wall (or anything else!).

One of the main points (and the bit we’re most chuffed about) is that our new plugs have a tapered end; making them easier to fit onto your bike. They still squeeze into the handlerbars, as before, but the narrowing of the end means it is even easier to fit them to a wide range of bar sizes. We’ve also worked out a nifty solution should the unlikely problem of the corks being too small for the handlebar diameter arise. You can trap the ends of the laces (perhaps doubled up if needs be) in any gap between the cork and the handlebar inner, which will act like a wedge – neat, discreet and effective.

Personally, we love the sleek and sophisticated look and fit of our new, more durable plugs and as they start to reach our customers, we’d love to know what you all think. Drop us a line at the email address above if you have any thoughts or comments you’d like to share.

Just the same as ever, the new plugs come as standard with all Gropes purchases either online, from our stockist stores and when purchasing through nonusual.com. They are available with immediate effect.* Our previous agglomerated corks are still available from the Nonusual online shop on request – just drop us an email to info@nonusual.com after making your purchase to tell us you’d prefer the original plugs.

We think it’s a corker. 

* Some overseas stores may still stock original style corks for a while longer as we work to fully roll out the changeover. If you are unsure of which type of plug you will get with your order, we recommend contacting the store you intend to purchase from before buying your Gropes.

Posted by Akira Chatani at 07:00