Love our Leather

Here at Nonusual, we believe in delivering excellence ­- in both workmanship and materials. We gave a lot of time and thought to sourcing the leather that we use for Gropes. Eventually, with the help of Alison Lloyd, founder of Ally Capellino, we came across something we were very happy with. The Italian leather we use is of the highest quality; it is dry but at the same time soft and supple and moulds to its job, making it very resistant to breaking. This means Gropes are long lasting. In fact, they even get better with age and they have a life span that gives plastic grips a run for their money. We recommend treating Gropes every so often with a clear leather dressing (we like Brooks Proofide Saddle Treatment) which helps to preserve the colours and create a better grip.

There’s some science coming up now…stay with us!

These days everything is focused on ‘being green’ and Gropes are no exception. When making decisions about materials we opted to use vegetable-tanned leather (which results in many of the characteristics mentioned above) rather than leather which had treated using chemical processes such as chrome tanning. To explain briefly, vegetable tanning is an ancient practice that uses tannin from tree bark and other vegetable matter. It is a fairly painstaking and labour-intensive process that takes time and requires skill. Needless to say, it is more costly than modern, chemical methods which are more efficient and more suited to mass-production but at the same time, less eco-friendly.

In contrast to vegetable, chrome-tanned leather is a commonly used, artificial method where the material is treated with chromium based salts.  The use of these chemicals and acids and the waste and by-products that are produced as a result of this process make chrome-tanning very bad for the environment – and we didn’t want that.

We’re not saying we’re perfect on the eco-friendly front, but we’re proud of the fact that we’re doing our little bit towards helping to keep our planet happy. Vegetable-tanned leather may well be a touch pricier but we think it’s worth it and feel pretty confident that most of our customers share this sentiment.

Posted by Akira Chatani at 07:00