Ally Capellino talks leather

Over the last 11 years I have come to know a few things about leather, but I’m still learning. You get what you pay for, the life that the animal leads and the tanning all show through — it’s like food — you can’t make good risotto or sushi if the rice isn’t good in the first place. Good leather improves with age — it polishes up, it stays flexible and it moulds to it’s job. Nonusual asked if I had any leather that I liked that would be good for Gropes. We chose a shoulder leather from a tannery at Ponte a Egola, the main centre for quality veg tanned hides in Italy. The reasons to make handle grips from this leather comply exactly with those that we use for bags.

Text: Alison Lloyd — Founder of Ally Capellino

Posted by Akira Chatani at 07:00