A Word on Laces...

We know that some of our customers are starting to want more lace/leather colour combinations in order to achieve an even greater bespoke look for their bikes. We want to be able to give you the best in true handlebar customisation and we’re currently testing out numerous colours. 

You may have noticed on our gallery page that some of the lace/leather combinations are not what you see in our shop. The truth is, that these fittings are ‘market research’, if you like, and we have been experimenting with different looks on the bikes of family and friends and the odd Gropes fanatic who has dropped us a line to ask for a special request.

For the time being, these lace colours; gold yellow, red, burgundy, brown, blue, navy, forest green and white (clockwise from top left in below photo), will be available to buy exclusively through us, on a sample basis only. However, the plan is that you will see additional colours being sold more widely in the future.

Gold yellow, red, burgundy, brown, blue, navy, forest green and white (clockwise from top left)

In the meantime, if you’d like to request a set of laces from our extended range of colours, do send us an email. Please bear in mind, availability isn’t always guaranteed but we’ll do our best to sort something out for you. Prices of Gropes remain the same (Short £25, Long £39) regardless of the laces you chose and shipping times will not be affected as long as your chosen colour is in stock.

Beige, black, grey, yellow and pink laces will remain available via our online shop and retailers.

For the future, it would be really helpful to hear what you think.  Let us know not only what lace colours you’ d like see, but also the leathers too.  We want to make Gropes the best they can be for you guys so drop us a line at info@nonusual.com and take the opportunity to have your say.

Posted by Akira Chatani at 07:00