Trekinetic launch Desert Scorpion

We were recently contacted by wheelchair maker, Trekinetic for custom Gropes order for their new range, Desert Scorpion. The result was incredibly unique and unusual which perfectly fits to our design philosophy. Here are some images that we are so proud to share with you.

We can't give you any reviews of this beatiful beast as we haven't tried it yet but those of who are interested to see them in real life, why don't you visit 
The Mobility Roadshow, Telford Exhibition Centre, 27-29 th June.

Official press release from 

Trekinetic are delighted to announce the launch their Allied Forces inspired, Desert Scorpion, sand and desert terrain wheelchair.
Desert Scorpion is a derivative of Trekinetic's successful K-2, but this time with a set of additional wheels front and rear, making seven wheels in total. This is probably a world first ,for a manually propelled machine and may signal a new breed of truly sand capable wheelchairs.

The reason for the extra wheels is to prevent the wheels sinking into hot sand, hampering progress. Additionally the footrest is retractable and in production will be lockable, making it possible to momentarily increase ground clearance.

Uniquely, the new machine is also designed as a tribute to Allied Forces who have served in The Gulf, Afghanistan and other Desert based operations, which explains its unique military appearance. The launch at The Mobility Roadshow, is also designed to coincide with Armed Forces Day on 29th June.

Despite its off road credentials, the carbon fibre Desert Scorpion can be quickly turned back to an everyday wheelchair, by removing the additional quick release wheels and replacing with standard.

The Desert Scorpion also showcases Trekinetic's new folding handlebar option, available on all Trekinetic models.

Posted by Akira Chatani at 06:45